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When time and convenience are at a premium, you can enjoy all the benefits of Capital Teas exceptional teas in easy-to-use sachets to keep your thirst quenched and your favorite teas accessible and easy to brew. Whether you need a fast and easy solution to brew tea quickly at home, or a way to keep your favorite teas ready to grab-and-go for work or school, Capital Teas sachets make it convenient to brew. Perfect for your busy lifestyle, sachets are available in our best-selling flavors. Premium loose teas are packaged in biodegradable pyramid sachets, offering the perfect solution when you want to combine the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with convenience.

  • Get all the power of tea’s healthy antioxidants at home or on-the-go
  • Antioxidants are linked to improved cardiovascular health
  • Alkaloids in tea may give you a mental boost, lower stress levels, reduce anxiety, and provide mental stimulation

Anchor Beverages™  primary brand is nationally-respected Capital Teas®, which was launched in Annapolis in 2007 and today is cherished by thousands of Americans who begin and end their day with Capital Teas.  Anchor Beverages™  has operated this storied brand as our exclusive tea offering since October 2018. Our customers enjoy an amazing selection of over 100 teas and infusions, mostly blended from organic ingredients, and all of which are replete with natural wellness. For all our patrons, we encourage exploration, we reward curiosity, and we embrace innovation — from ways to brew tea, to unique tea combinations, to infusing tea with cocktails, and more. We invite fellow tea drinkers to discover the magic, complexity, flavor, and aroma of our amazing teas, one cup at a time.

  • Available Sizes:
    • 2 ounce packaging
    • 20 Sachet Packs
  • Tea Forms: Loose Leaf, Iced and Sachets
  • Tea Types
    • Black Tea, Pu-erh, Oolong, Green Tea, Fruit Tisane

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