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It all began in 2006, when Alicia’s five year old grandson wanted to make presents for the family 4th of July party.  She asked him how he felt about making red, white, and blue bracelets for the girls.   Together they made the bracelets and Alicia was instantly hooked so much that in 2011 she took a class in wire wrapping and silver smithing.  She began setting up displays at holiday parties as well as arts and crafts shows.  Since she still had her full-time job, she would work during the day and make jewelry at night.  In 2021, she purchased her ‘hobby shed’ with plans to go full-time once she retires.

She uses a blend of natural stones and sea shells and quality silver, gold, stainless steel accents and hardware to finish her pieces.  Each piece contains her logo dragon fly so you know you have an authentic DragonFly Designed piece made by Alicia.

Product Information

Anklets are made with a combination or mix of the following natural stones and/or sea shells:


The earthy stone comes to us all the way from the ancient days of Babylon. Known for being a healthy and wealthy healing amulet, Agate is all about balancing the negative and positive forces of the wider world.

Best used for: Harmonizing polar opposite energies, self-confidence, protection while traveling (particularly traffic accidents). Pairs well with dancers, dentists, and environmentalists. Provides emotional support for educators and recreational workers.

There are several types of agate, and they’re categorized by physical traits. For instance, lace agate has intricate lace-like swirls, while fire agate exhibits a blazing iridescent rainbow effect.

The most popular type is banded agate, which is widely available and globally sourced. Banded agate describes any bright-colored, striped inner layers that are typically dyed to enhance the internal color patterns.


Potent in healing powers and a glorious conductor of energy, wearing Copper comes with a wide array of bountiful benefits for the body, mind, and soul.

Not only does Copper come with a ton of physical healing powers but it also helps to balance out the chakras and keep circulation in flow. Copper is also famed for reducing stiff joints, aches, and pains commonly associated with arthritis and rheumatism. Copper can also help with collagen production and can encourage the system to overcome issues that lead to skin diseases and rashes. Ever in-tune with the flow, one of Coppers leading health benefits is its ability to improve circulation and get oxygen pumping. When blood circulation is in flow, you are sure to feel a brighter burst of energy and a sharpened mind.

Copper is also famed for reducing stiff joints, aches, and pains commonly associated with arthritis and rheumatism. Copper can also help with collagen production and can encourage the system to overcome issues that lead to skin diseases and rashes.

Czech Glass Beads

When we say that Czech glass beads are ancient, we mean that they originated long before the Czech Republic, after which they are named. In the 1550s, the Czech Republic was known as Bohemia. It was there that glass beadmaking sprang up, specifically in the cities of Jablonec, Stanovsko, and Bedrichov.

Production of glass beads began in ancient Egypt, and many cultures have successfully adopted the practice over the centuries. However, glass beads became particularly beloved and successful in Bohemia/Czech Republic because of the area’s abundant resources of water, quartz, and sand.


Today, gold is not only the most luxurious metal, but it also offers amazing health benefits to the wearer.

Best used for: regulating body temperature, wound andd soreness treatment, overall wellbeing, symptoms of arthritis, reduce stress and anxiety, skin treatment, boosting immunity, healing the nervous and endocrine system.


Gorgeous in green, Malachite is one of the heart chakras favorite stones. Get help breaking bad ties, up your protection against EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Fields), and find good luck and prosperity in both business and play.
Best used for: Strengthening the immune system, travel, treatment of travel sickness & vertigo.


Medically, Pearl is believed to help keep the ‘Heart’ strong and healthy. Also, it is said that Pearl stone benefits water induced ailments and maintains the Water Balance in our body. It is also worn to cure conditions such as pneumonia.

Some people claim that wearing natural pearls helped them get rid of blood pressure issues and heat rash. Wearing pearl rings and pearl pendants may be also an option for those who suffer from stomach issues, as pearls are great support for the digestive system. In general, pearl jewelry is a natural support for treating many diseases. It is considered to imply positive effects on the following body organs: skin, digestive and reproductive system, heart and brain. Pears also assist in curing ulcers, hyperactivity and skin acne problems.


As pure as the spring rains, Clear Quartz is all about powerful cleansing. This quartz crystal will drench you to the bone with its positive vibes. Boost your immunity and follow your bliss with one of our favorite healing crystals.

Best used for: Supporting professionals in the artistic community, musicians, those who work in media fields, and doctors. Useful in the treatment of migraine headaches, vertigo, or motion sickness.


Shells are known to bring good luck and to protect the spirit of the wearer, and many tribes use them in spiritual ceremonies. They also are a sign of femininity and fertility, with women often wearing them not only to help them conceive, but to help them give birth safely.


Silver is one of the highest regarding metals found today, but its ranking doesn’t only stand for its appearance. As silver carries a great deal of health benefits that ensure mental and physical well-being. It has been noted down for decades that silver carries a special charm working with natural antimicrobial properties to fight cold, flu, infections, and boosts wound healing.
Best used for: Boost your body’s internal heat circulation and regulation; Used for its antibiotics properties for centuries now-people wore silver jewlery as a medicinal tool; boost your blood vessels’ elasticity, causing a positive impact on your body’s healing power; Silver has a direct relation to help us avoid toxic substances. Upon contact, silver changes its color showing you the potential danger you may face.

Stainless Steel

One of the major benefits of stainless steel jewelry is that it doesn’t trigger flare-ups as silver or gold can. As there are no impurities, you can wear it in good health, so you won’t end up with that dreaded green mark left once you take the ring off.

Stainless steel is also unplated which means it’s impossible to chip or fade. And luckily, your stainless steel jewelry will keep its original shape regardless of how much wear and tear you inflict on it during your job or hobbies.

One of the most important facts about stainless steel jewelry is that it’s eco-friendly. This is because stainless steel manufacturers avoid using too much primary energy and save non-renewable sources. Also, compared to other options, stainless steel produces less waste during the manufacturing process compared to other metals. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable.

Fastener Material:

  • Silver Plated (SP)
  • Stainless Steel (SS)
  • 14k Gold Filled (GF)
  • 14K Gold Plated (GP)
  • 14k Rose Gold Plated (RGP)
  • Copper

Her partner in crime is her pup Nicolas that goes everywhere with her.

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DF-A1 (10") SP B. Czech Glass-Hibiscus, DF-A10 (10") SP Seed Pearl-Malachite, DF-A11 (10.5") SP Heshi Shell, DF-A12 (10.5") SP Shell-Turtle, DF-A2 (9.75") SP Shell-Conch, DF-A3 (11") SS Quartz-Agate, DF-A4 (10") SS Cube Shell, DF-A5 (9.5") SP Czech Glass-Hibiscus, DF-A6 (9.75") GP Milifoil-Turtle, DF-A7 (10") SP G. Czech Glass-Hibiscus, DF-A8 (10.5") SP Malachite-Seed Pearl-Turtle, DF-A9 (9") SP Lace Agate


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