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Eleven Acres CBD Softgels




  • 42mg (25mg CBD) with organic hemp seed oil

We love this product because it contains 25mg of CBD per capsule which makes it a great choice for someone that only wants to take one serving of CBD per day. It also contains 17mg of certified organic hemp seed oil which naturally contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals along with amino acids and omega fatty acids. For the best results, take one capsule during a meal that contains another form of fat, like avocados, meat, fish, nuts, seeds, olive oil.

Eleven Acres represents a commitment sustainable, regenerative farming, a dedication to organic ingredients and a belief in the power of plant-based wellness.

Founded by a mother-daughter team and their family friend, our products contain the pure, full spectrum, whole flower hemp extract grown on the Salt Creek Ranch. Since 2015, we have been growing hemp, learning at each step of the way. In 2019, we created Eleven Acres to bring our quality products to market, and share our unique perspective as hemp farmers.

Our product line uses the highest quality ingredients available- local and organic whenever possible. Our formulas use simple, straightforward ingredients to deliver results. Our softgels and tinctures are 100% full spectrum hemp extract and certified organic hemp seed oil. That’s it. Our moisturizers and salves use herbal extracts and essential oils. And it’s all thoughtfully crafted in Colorado.
Eleven Acres uses third-party testing to certify the purity and potency of our product line. We believe that our enduring commitment to quality can enhance the lives of our valued clientele.





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