INFINITE CBD Freezing Point Cream

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This topical application allows a cooling sensation to the skin, while its lasting effects penetrate deeper into the body.  Travel with a small 2 oz. container or keep a larger bottle with a pump around the house for everyday use.

How to Use:

Massage in a circular motion to irritated area.

  • Peppermint Oil: Known as a natural painkiller and muscle relaxant. When applied topically, reduce sore, achy muscles and tension headaches.
  • Eucalyptus Oil: Application of eucalyptus oil to the skin helps with relieving pain and stress.
  • Camphor: Stimulate nerves and relieves pain. Camphor oil works to reduce inflammation and pain symptoms.
    Menthol: Minor aches and pains are commonly treated with menthol. *Avoid your eyes!
  • CBD isolate 99%+

Made with 99%+ CBD isolate, the Infinite CBD product line speaks for itself.

Infinite CBD is home to a line of Nano CBD products; featuring much smaller CBD particles.

Our third-party lab results offer a public option to look into the science behind CBD isolate and how our product stands out from the competition. All Infinite CBD products are paired with individually batched testing.



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