If our furry friends could talk, they would say thank you.

Just like you and the rest of the family, your cats and/or dogs would also enjoy some CBD.  If your pet has a sensitive stomach, do not worry, the Pet Dropper is gentle enough for all diets.

Pet Size Chart
  • Small Pet:  1 lb to 50 lbs.  A Small Pet dropper has 0.5 mg per drop or 300 mg.
  • Medium Pet: 25 lbs to 75 lbs.  A Medium Pet dropper has 2.5 mg per drop or 1500 mg.
  • Large Pet:  50 lbs to 125 lbs.  A Large Pet dropper has 5 mg per drop or 3000 mg.
How to Use
  • Oral: The Pet Dropper can easily be administered orally. Place desired amount into their mouth to absorb.
  • Topical: Apply the Pet Dropper topically.
  • Ingestion: If you can’t easily administer CBD orally, place desired amount on to a treat or into their water bowl.
  • 99%+ CBD isolate + Coconut Oil.  Incorporating coconut oil on a daily basis does more for your pets than you would think.

Made with 99%+ CBD isolate, the Infinite CBD product line speaks for itself.

Infinite CBD is home to a line of Nano CBD products; featuring much smaller CBD particles.

Our third-party lab results offer a public option to look into the science behind CBD isolate and how our product stands out from the competition. All Infinite CBD products are paired with individually batched testing.


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