Willies Remedy CBD Coffee


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Hemp-Infused Dark Roast Blend 8 oz Whole-Bean Coffee, 250 mg

Bold flavors of dark chocolate laced with notes of black cherry offer a sweet, smooth finish in our whole-bean, Dark-Roast Blend. Featuring Fair Trade-certified Nicaraguan coffee from the woman-focused SOPPEXCCA Co-Op and Colombian coffee from mission-driven co-op catalyst, Colombian Risaralda Co-Op, Willie’s Remedy offers coffee you can feel good about with a taste to savor.

Willie’s Remedy coffee is carefully selected and roasted, then infused with organically grown, full-spectrum hemp oil from small- to mid-sized independent U.S. farmers. Hemp extract provides a balancing effect to coffee’s natural lift, while reducing acidity and coffee jitters—a perfect harmony of focus and in every cup.


  • Available Sizes: 8 ounce packaging
  • CBD content:
    • 8 oz. package contains = 25mg CBD
    • 15mg of CBD per 8 ounce serving
  • Flavors 
    • Dark Roast

Certificate of Analysis 


Certificates of Analysis (or COAs) provide consumers like you with assurance that the product you receive meets our standards of quality, purity and potency. We test to ensure our products contain the right amount of cannabinoids, and that they do not contain undesirable elements like pesticides and solvents.



Ground, Whole Bean


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